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Many medical sales programs drain your bank account and leave critical gaps when it comes to getting hired. Not here.

We come alongside you every step of the way. From boosting your confidence and EQ to interview strategies to full-fledged mentorship, we’ve got your back.

Course Offerings

Are you interviewing for medical sales roles and not getting moved forward? Explore our accelerated course designed to enhance your chances of landing a job in the medical sales field. Learn key strategies to distinguish yourself during the interview process. Upon course completion, receive a personalized mock interview with feedback session to solidify your preparation

Medical Sales 101 Interview Preparation

Need some real-world practice prepping for your interview? Get one-on-one coaching from our expert team on how to present yourself professionally, answer questions with confidence and build rapport with a hiring manager.

 2-hour group session

$ 895

 2-hour group session


$ 895

Mock Interview and Feedback Session


By dedicating just 2 hours of your time each week, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive field of medical sales. You will receive the essential tools to excel in interviews and stand out among other candidates. Take control of your development today! Limited spots available, so submit your resume now to be considered for our upcoming course.

Medical Sales 101 Program

4-Week Virtual Course

How to break into medical sales?


Presentation Skills

Interview Prep

Selling Skills 101

Industry Deep Dive

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Are you a new college graduate or currently working in sales but looking to advance your career? Join us for our Medical Sales 101 Conference where you can learn from the best in the business and gain valuable experience that will give you a competitive edge to break into the medical sales industry.


Events coming in 2024 to Miami and Nashville!

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