Medical Sales is in our DNA

We’ve been in this industry for so long, medical sales just feels like an integral part of us. We live and breathe this stuff. And now we want to share our knowledge and expertise to help people like you thrive in this adventurous and lucrative field.


Meet Heather

Meet Heather & Selena

With almost 20 years of medical sales and recruiting experience with top Fortune 500 companies, Heather knows this industry like the back of her hand. She worked as a sales territory manager for over half her career, leading successful sales teams and winning multiple awards including Territory Manager of the Year.

Heather also has extensive experience as a medical sales recruiter, matching talented professionals with reputable companies through Talent Recruiting Solutions. As a passionate go-getter, she uses her years of experience to recruit, train and develop the next generation of medical sales reps.

Heather Chambers

Selena has almost two decades of medical sales experience in a wide variety of specialties including women’s health, orthopedics, imaging, and surgery. While working for Johnson & Johnson, she boasted an impressive sales track record, turning under-performing divisions into top sales teams and winning multiple awards.

She also has deep experience recruiting, hiring, coaching, training and developing teams of sales reps. Today she combines all of her medical sales knowledge and expertise to help people unearth their potential, get plugged into the medical sales industry and outshine the competition.

Selena Lessa

And that’s exactly what we bring to the table—sound integrity inside and out. Sure, we have decades of medical sales background to back us up. But at our core, we are all about helping people develop their talents, make a game plan and reach their goals in an industry we’ve lived and love.

Your Path to a Rewarding Career

In sales, credibility is a big deal.

What people are saying

Hunter H.

The coaching and mentoring from Medical Sales 101 has been a game changer for my life. Not only was the medical sales career advice spot-on, Heather and Selena taught me all the tools I needed to have a successful interview. And I got the job! I can’t thank them enough!

Kevin M.

Medical Sales 101’s knowledge of the medical sales industry is second to none. They did everything in their power to not only make sure I was prepared to launch my medical sales career but also equip me with professional tools I can use to keep on growing. It was the best investment I could have made in my career.

Caroline P.

When I came to Heather and Selena, I was overwhelmed and unsure about how to get started in the medical sales industry. They mentored me through my whole journey including beefing up my resume and doing mock interviews. I felt so much more prepared and confident when my real interview (and job offer!) came. Thanks, ladies!

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