Our customized program is your secret sauce

As experts and leaders in medical sales, we know sales training can only go so far. The truth is your team needs mentoring and development if they’re going to smash sales records and increase profitability. We come alongside corporate partners like you to develop talent into strong, confident sales leaders.

Equip your sales team for top notch performance

Many of today’s top sales candidates are bright and driven but lack key qualities like self-awareness, critical thinking, business acumen and resilient characteristics crucial to building successful territories. And with your plate already overflowing, offering that kind of business development is simply out of the question.

Turn mediocre into cream of the crop

We polish your diamond-in-the-rough talent and transform them to be sales all-stars. From growing emotional intelligence and effective communication to personal branding and more, your team gets interactive coaching, mentorship and training designed to take them over the top.

Enter our 12-week corporate development program.

Professional development that drives sales

It’s time to put hum-drum sales in the rear-view mirror. In 12 jam-packed weeks, take your sales representatives to the next level with:

Interactive live sessions

1:1 coaching

Group discussions

Team building exercises

Role-play scenarios

Small group sessions

Our holistic program puts together all the pieces of the sales puzzle every rep needs to be outstanding. Brimming with professional development goodies (and then some!), your team will learn it all:

What will you learn

Goal setting

Business planning

Presentation skills

Personal branding

So much more!

Business acumen

Increase self-awareness

Emotional Intelligence

Honing your sales skills

Practice your sales craft



Ready to take your sales team to the next level?