Want a rewarding career in Medical Sales?

You don’t need a certification.

You need a mentor.

Medical sales reps are in high demand, but companies are struggling to find qualified applicants. The problem? Candidates are lacking the professional and social skills managers want. Medical Sales 101 is the answer.

We not only provide the training you need, but we pour into you with personal coaching and mentorship so you land the job of your dreams. From learning if medical sales is right for you, scoring the perfect job or crushing your sales record, we come alongside you every step of the way.

As seasoned experts, take it from us: medical sales can be a killer career with hefty perks, bonuses and income. What’s not to love? But first, you have to get your foot in the door.

Many people sign up for expensive certifications that leave them hanging—especially when it comes to understanding the entire industry and knowing how to nail interviews.

Book smarts are only half the equation.

We’re a team of experienced pros who know this industry inside and out. And here’s the thing: you don’t need a pricey certificate to jump in and crush the competition. What you do need is confidence, business savvy and a solid handle on what hiring managers are looking for.

That’s what makes Medical Sales 101 different.


Our Current Offerings


CRUSH Selling and
SlayEQ Certification 

Are you prepared to dominate and excel in sales?

Get ready to master our CRUSH Selling method applicable to any sales industry. Sales doesn’t have to be complicated—we'll provide you with the essential knowledge you need. Ever wondered the secret behind the charismatic sales reps customers love? We'll unveil those secrets for you. Our method integrates Emotional Intelligence and Sales Psychology hacks, ensuring your customers feel positively enchanted after each sales interaction. Remember, people prefer buying from those they genuinely like.

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional seeking a new avenue to success or endeavoring to enter the sales realm, we'll empower you to achieve your goals.

Mentorship Program 
1:1 Private Coaching

Do you have big dreams of getting into medical sales and don't know where to begin or you have been interviewing but don't get moved to the next step?

You need a coach. 

Package includes: 3 Hours of personalized coaching

Submit Resume

Submit Resume

As a bustling company running teams of sales reps, you don’t have the time or bandwidth to dive deep into development and mentorship. But that’s exactly what your team needs to go from being so-so to knocking sales out of the park.

With customized one-on-one and group coaching, our corporate program hones your sales representatives’ skills, behaviors, and attitudes for success you can smile about.

Catapult your sales reps into top performers

Corporate Program


Hiring managers are facing a crisis: medical sales applicants are missing vital skills in communication, problem-solving, marketing, situational awareness and so much more. It’s a serious issue needing serious attention.

Book smarts are only half the equation.

Enter Medical Sales 101.

With decades of personal experience in medical sales and recruiting, we offer coaching and training to grow your confidence and expertise so you can land the job and soar with sales.

See if medical sales is right for you

With us, you will:

Learn foolproof interview strategies

Grow through mock interviews

Hone your presentation skills

Create winning sales habits

Define your unique brand

After getting their start in medical sales almost two decades ago, both Heather and Selena rose quickly in their field. For their efforts, each attained top performing sales records and earned multiple accolades at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Recruiting, training and developing champion sales teams are their specialties. Now they’re happy to bring their years of knowledge to the next generation of medical sales reps with Medical Sales 101 and Heather’s established hiring firm, Talent Recruiting Solutions

Seasoned Mentors = Success

Heather & Selena


What people are saying

Hunter H.

The coaching and mentoring from Medical Sales 101 has been a game changer for my life. Not only was the medical sales career advice spot-on, Heather and Selena taught me all the tools I needed to have a successful interview. And I got the job! I can’t thank them enough!

Kevin M.

Medical Sales 101’s knowledge of the medical sales industry is second to none. They did everything in their power to not only make sure I was prepared to launch my medical sales career but also equip me with professional tools I can use to keep on growing. It was the best investment I could have made in my career.

Caroline P.

When I came to Heather and Selena, I was overwhelmed and unsure about how to get started in the medical sales industry. They mentored me through my whole journey including beefing up my resume and doing mock interviews. I felt so much more prepared and confident when my real interview (and job offer!) came. Thanks, ladies!

We can help fill the critical gaps when it comes to getting hired. Jump into one of our current courses

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